Possible K9 Matches For the HK9 Program

Possible acceptance into the program:

  • AKC Registered
  • Breed specific matching the needs of a selected Veteran in waiting
  • Passes selected temperament exam given by our trainer
  • Traceable life history
  • Between the ages of 10 weeks and 16 months (Pre-birth arrangements ARE possible)

Unfortunately, HK9 cannot accept:

  • Strays
  • K9s that are not AKC registered
  • K9s that are older than 14 months
  • K9s that do not have a documented history
  • Pets

HK9 owes it to our Veterans and donors that the K9s we receive for the program are trainable, documented, and healthy. The current cost to train and place a K9 in our program is $18,000. We must do everything we can to ensure the K9s in our program are the most likely to be successful in such an important role that is designated to improve the quality of life for our Veterans for as long as possible.

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